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שם הפרויקט:  Light Rail Transportation (L-R-T)
מיקום הפרוייקט:  Jerusalem, Israel
תאריכי התחלה וסיום:  2003 - 2008
שם הלקוח:  Ashtrom Group ltd.

Among Israel's major cities, Jerusalem has the highest number of public transportation users.

The LRT project is designed to address the traffic load among the different parts of the city and especially facilitate easy access to the city center which undergoes an extensive reconstruction and development process in these times. The LRT along with conventional  public transportation solutions allows the city's residents and visitors easy access, along major routes, both in and out of the city and into the city's important sites.

MDV group had taken part in the project from its planning phase and had supplied Ashtrom Group ltd. with a verity of services.

Planning phase detailed measurements:

  1. Photogrammetric mapping of the entire layout.
  2. Marking, measuring and polygon calculation using GPS along the line.
  3. Detailed ground measuring of the, current situation in a scale of 1:250.
  4. Production of coordination plans for surface systems, sub surface systems and I.L and I.T infrastructure. (Coordination of both information obtained from the different authorities and of information obtained from the field was required)
  5. Production of topographic maps for permit of 10 transformer rooms.
  6. Production of 15 background maps for city planning along the line.
  7. Measuring of additional roads for planning of alternate transportation during the work process.
  8. Integrated detailed measurement in a scale of 1:100 and photography of building fronts along Yafo st.

Pre-execution phase detailed measurements:

  1. Building, measuring and coordinating of an exact polygon comprised of prisms both in walls and in fences along the project area, according to Ashtrom Group ltd. international specifications, in a ±2 mm accuracy in the X, Y and Z axes.
  2. Based on these points, railroad ties (sleepers) were placed using free station measurement technique and two special placement machines capable of receiving information from a distomat and place the ties automatically.
  3. Delivering of polygon points and BM for the project's different contractor's surveyors.
  4. Special inspection of performance following the first and second concrete casting, development work verification.
  5. Marking of communication poles along the line.
  6. Measurement required according to the municipal authority.
  7. Special pre-execution measurements and execution verification in the drain depot (the train control center).
  8. Special measurements of the Jerusalem Chord Bridge (Cantilever spar cable-styled bridge) for the determination of height and orientation. Measurements were done during nights with temperatures of 0 to +5 Celsius, in 5m intervals with and without weights.
  9. Decline and shift difference calculation for each point.
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