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שם הפרויקט:  South Hakirya Project
מיקום הפרוייקט:  Tel Aviv, Israel
תאריכי התחלה וסיום:  2001 - 2006
שם הלקוח:  Yahal Engineers
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South Hakirya Tel Aviv project dealt with the reconstruction of the historic Templer's village "Sarona", established in 1870. Of the 90 original buildings, 30 were preserved. Five buildings were moved, some up to 40 meters. The operation was supported by MDV Group from the outset. Using the group’s accurate digital techniques and maps, the project staff could reconstruct and restore the village. To serve this project we utilized advanced land surveying and design tools and skills.

MDV Group provided it's clients the following services and products:
  • Accurate measurements
  • Building's fronts measurements
  • Cadastre (Parcellation)
  • Photogrammetry (scales of 1:250 and 1:500)
  • Topographic maps production (scales of 1:250 and 1:500)
  • Orthophoto production
  • Marketing sketches production
  • Building restoration
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