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שם הפרויקט:  Namibe Basin 2D Seismic Acquisition Project
מיקום הפרוייקט:  Namibe Basin, Namibe Province, Angola
תאריכי התחלה וסיום:  2011 - Ongoing
שם הלקוח:  Sonangol
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SONANGOL, Angola's national oil company, is conducting a 2D seismic acquisition project in the Namibe basin, in southern Angola.

The project's area, covering some 8,500 km2, ranges from mountainous valleys to shifting sand dunes, and is mostly remote from population centers. Also, the project includes various companies, both in the field as well as is in management and logistics positions. Therefore, MDVIA's services were required for efficient planning, management and control of the project.

Scouting Operations

MDVIA has used its extensive field experience and knowledge to conduct scouting trips in complicated and challenging terrains. The geographically referenced data collected includes: unique access roads, terrain types analysis, population data, environmental issues etc.

Orthophoto Production

Ariel photography of the entire project area, at 40 cm. per pixel, was performed using light airplane equipped with the advanced Nevo system, using a 60 megapixel digital camera. The orthophoto map and 3D data produced in the process serve as an ultimate terrain visualization tool, used for terrain analysis, planning of seismic lines and field operations and as an accurate and updated base for producing other information layers.

 Geographic Information System - BAOBAB G.I.S

Based on its rich experience with previous seismic projects, MDVIA has rapidly and efficiently created a complete GIS system for the project's management and participants. The GIS service, based on a complex and constantly improved data base, includes a uniquely designed web environment GIS, which allows the user to view, analyze and download project data, regardless of geographic location. 

סיפור הפרוייקט

The dirt road has ended - from here on, by foot. Looking up, the mountain’s peak is high above; that is where we need to go. Some local Mukubal join as guides. They know most of the way, it’s their backyard, but their tradition prohibits climbing the mountain – they had never reached the top. At first, they are light and swift, but higher up the trail disappears and they are reluctant to proceed. We continue, and they join, somewhat worried. We reach the ridge. The peak is near, but too steep, we cannot climb it. Having learned what we needed we are ready to descend. It’s late. Our guides don’t hurry now, and ask that we take a group photo on the crest. 

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